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Tribal Council 2: Koa

Back here again Koa, well you have to vote

  • Solar Do you like your team?
  • Jordan You are one of the actives on your team, how do you feel with so many inactives?
  • Dianted You are also active, what would you say of this
  • Mickey A fight? Do you thin you can be gone because of that
  • Nate You were low last time, do you think you are a goner?
  • Jacob You self-voted last time, will you do it again?

Please vote on my talk page or Edgar's, or through Chat. They are due March 30th at 12PM EST You don't vote you will selfvote.

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lol fuck you too

Well, I don't like it a bit. If these inactives keep being, well-- inactive... the Koa tribe won't even exist much longer.

I think my fight with MIKA could get me voted off.
This time the tribe did slightly better. I got 5/6 votes :D
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