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• 4/2/2014

Day 8; Immunity Results

Hello teams. Today's challenge was quite easy, and unfortunately one of you lost it. The losing team, with only 1 out of 6 submissions would be...

Akamai. Koa, congrats on your first immunity ever! As for Koror, Dawny, Kitten, Casey, and Brenden, you will be attending your first Tribal council tonight. Jacob the old pro, You're going too.

This also means, DIANTED JOINS AKAMAI! After one of the members of Akamai is voted out, Dianted will come off of Exile and join Akamai in the fallen member's place. Good luck everyone, and have fun surviving!

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• 4/2/2014
How many submissions did Koa have?
• 4/2/2014


And 2 of the, were perfect scores

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