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Tribal 3 Akamai Revote

Congrats Akamai, you officially are the first team to make a tie happen. So here's what's going down, Koror, Kitten, and Dawny will revote. The people in the tie will not.

Please vote on my talk page or Yoshi's, or through Chat. They are due April 3rd at 8pm EST. If you don't vote, you will selfvote.

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Kitten is inactive...

So when did she vote last tribal?

I got a vote. It took some time, but I got one.

If they don't vote, then I have to assume everyone's vote is the same. Which sends us to the agonizing tiebreaker


It's not...

  • Rocks between tied people
  • Tiebreaker challenge
  • Have other team vote
We'll I'm going to be eliminated ''"fairly"''

If I get rocked out because 2 people were too lazy to vote, this wiki is getting trashed on FB

Not a blackmail, I'll just be p-o'd

Don't worry, if you're not one of the three in the tie, you're not in any danger


Now, find the peeps

Well you can only count the sent in votes :/
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