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Howdy; Part 2

Hello Tribes, after last night, I have some good news for all of you. You have officially made it to......

The Second Tribal swap XD

The New Koa is Dianted, Koror, Jordan, Casey, Solar, and Liam

The New Akamai is Dawny, Kitten, Lucky, Jacob, and Mickey

Yoshi will post the Reward soon.

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Ugh. =_=

Thanks Edgar.

____ ___ ________ _____ _____ ____ ____ ________ ____!!!!

"Family Wiki"

I didn't Underscore curse you out when you messed up the Tribal 5 Sahka revote that cost me Russia is general, so don't even go there


I didn't mess it up,

What are you talking about?

I'd like to see these "" results that are "fair"
hi koror want to play a game
also if emma doesn't vote soon i murder someone

Lulz...? ;/

dianted we are finally reunited  


Mabel, get on chat. We must talk. 

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