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Day 16; Merge and Reward!

Congrats on everyone still in the game, you have made the merge.

Your first individual reward challenge will be a clue for the ONLY Post-merge immunity idol. The challenge is to write about your experience on Hawaii so far. Post them in the Blog post section, that is the only place where submissions will be graded.

They should be Humorous and child-friendly as my sister will be the only judge.

Submissions are dude by April 14th, at 7:30pm EST.

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That 3rd one. She's 10, but is on a 9th grade reading level

My experience has been pretty fantastic... at least, so far. I started off pretty good, doing pretty good in challenges. Even though, I was originally on Koa tribe, and the tribe was a decent mess. I then switched tribes, after being on "exile" and I was still doing good. And as it went on, my luck kept increasing! Which is pretty odd, considering luck does not tend to like me. I did not have to compete in two challenges, I received an idol clue, and I got to send someone of my choice (out of three) home, and now my chances in this challenge look pretty good. If I were to win this challenge, and receive another idol clue, it would only make my experience better. Of course, I wish my other competitors good luck, and hope they do their best as well. But, hopefully my good luck streak can continue and the judge likes my little "story." So, judge... do your best! And, do not forget to continue reading, because reading is one of the greatest activities out there! :)

no one here has an experience so screw this

dia we all know you have an idol lol

and we all know you are pregnant omg

But I don't have the idol... like, if I had the idol, I definitely would not try in this challenge, so...

It is with great displeasure that I announce that I hearby must drop out from the game, for personal reasons. (it's that time again to recharge my batteries.)

I had a wonderful time playing this game, and I would love to play it again......for REAL this time.

Russel can you be eaten by an alligator so you are evacuated and may return someday?
dia i know you have the idol after i stole your clue
Many failure. Much pity.

Honestly. I figured someone would dr which is why I made Kordan the first juror. No hard feelings Jacob, you have until Tribal council to change your mnd, but I respect your descion regardless.

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