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Day 18; Lokaho Tribal 1

Welcome to Tribal, this is the first Tribal of the merge, and one of you will become the third juror. Anyway...

  • Dawny: Same question I always ask you. Do you think tonight's vote will be a blindside?
  • Koror: You were highly inactive this cycle, where were you?
  • Kitten: You've been exceedingly cocky due to success in this game so far, do you think that your success will continue post-merge?
  • Dianted: Is it good to have immunity? Did you need it?
  • Mickey: Hat do you think of Jacob being evacuated after just before the merge?
  • Casey: Now that you've seemed active this cycle, do you think your improved activity will help you
  • Solar: IDOLS?! Someone has got to have one by now, there's three clues floating around, and countless people have probably seen them. Do you think idols are a threat tonight?
  • Jordan: Is there a clear majority in the group here?
  • Liam: Are past tribal alligences going to effect this vote?

Please vote on my talk page or Yoshi's, or through Chat. They are due April 17th at 8:00pm EST. If you don't vote, you will selfvote.

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It is great to have immunity. It makes me feel pretty good.

Did I need it? I have no idea, to be honest.

XD. Come on chat to vote

For Jacob, It sucks that He is gone, he had great potential.


Koror: You were highly inactive this cycle, where were you?

Taking care of ma bro >.<


Answering my question: Yes, yes it will.

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