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• 4/18/2014

Day 18; Lokaho Tribal 1 Results

Alright everyone, I will read the votes, but before I do, would anyone lie to okay the idol?

(Dawny stands up)

Edgar: Yes Dawny?

(Dawny Twerks and sits down)

Edgar: Um, okay? Moving on...

First vote; Kitten

Second vote; Jordan

Third vote; Casey

Fourth vote; Solar

Fifth vote; Dawny. That is 1 vote for Kitten, Jordan, Solar, Dawny, and Casey

Sixth vote; Solar

Seventh vote; Dawny

Eight vote; Dawny

The 6th person voted out, and third member of our jury is......

Edgar: By golly, you people!

Either Dawny or Solar, because we have a 3-3-1-1-1 tie

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• 4/18/2014

Da fuq

My vote stays the same for revote

• 4/18/2014
So does mine gg.
• 4/19/2014
Whoever goes........Frankly my dear........I don't give a damn.
• 4/19/2014
o I'm more active then solar T-T
• 4/21/2014
wtf fite me irl
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